Visa to the Maldives

Entering the island nation the Maldives requires no pre-arrival visa with visa on arrival facility available.

Tourists visiting the place can avail a 30-day visa on arrival. The duration of the visa depends solely on the immigration staff. In order to avail this visa, one needs to carry certain documents and meet certain conditions.

Different Visa Types Available

While the Maldives is popular as a tourist destination, this isn’t the only category of travelers visiting the place. Though one needs a Tourist Visa for a regular visit to the island nation. Other categories of visas available for travelers to the Maldives include Business, Family, Work, and Student Visas.

Duration of Stay

With a tourist visa, one can stay for up to 30 days at the place. The exact number of days depends on the number of days allowed during immigration. One can request for an extension to the 30-day stay for another 60-day period with the right documents and reason.

Requirements for Tourist Visa to Maldives (Conditions and Documents):

Planning a trip to the Maldives? Don’t forget to carry the documents required for traveling to one of the world’s popular honeymoon destinations.

Go through the below checklist and keep it handy for verification before you leave for vacation:

  • Valid passport with a minimum of 6 months of validity on the date of travel.
  • IM23 – Application Form
  • Sponsorship declaration form – In case you an individual has sponsored you, you will need to carry a copy of his/her ID card. If a company is sponsoring you, you will need to carry the application form endorsed by the company.
  • Expatriate health insurance
  • Booked air ticket for traveling out of Maldives, preferably a return ticket.
  • Adequate cash to cover your expenses during the stay. A rough estimate of USD100 and USD50 per day might be enough.
  • Booking receipt with a hotel or resort where you are planning to stay during the vacation.
  • Recently clicked passport size photographs with white background

Cost of Visa to the Maldives: There is no cost for availing a tourist visa to the Maldives.

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