Love Travelling ? Do Not Take Trips Before Buying A Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance: A Must When You Travel Overseas

Whenever you plan a trip of a lifetime, have you ever thought that what could happen if you got hurt or sick while overseas? Here comes the need to understand how important the travel insurance is. Honestly, if you cannot afford travel insurance then you most likely can’t afford to travel.In a foreign country, your Indian health insurance would not be any of use and would not cover you against any risks.

That’s where the need for travel insurance comes in. It gives security to you and your family against any sickness or injury and cover medical and hospital expenses, emergency evacuation, denial bills and other costs which can quickly add up to the tens of thousands of rupees.

Travel insurance may also give cover in case of different unfortunate incidents. If you have to cancel a flight in an emergency, you could be covered. Also, it covers your expenses in the event that your flight is delayed due to severe weather. If your luggage is stolen or lost or you are mugged, you could get back some or all of your losses.

In case of any emergency arises, travel insurance offers benefit of telephone assistance worldwide, available 24/7. Whether it is re-booking a flight you missed,serving you to find the closest pharmacy or provide help in replacing a lost passport, many insurers will be happy to help.

Statistically speaking, whereas travel is concerned, the probabilities of accident, theft or other unfortunate events have increased over the time. Even if you take all the recommended precautions like wearing a money belt or staying alert, disasters can and often do still happen to people when they travel.For peace of mind, be sure you have a travel insurance policy before you leave home.

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