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Greece is often known as the birthplace of Western culture. And Athens, its capital, retains ancient landmarks such as the Acropolis citadel and Parthenon temple. Greece is also known for its beaches, from the black sands of Santorini to the party resorts of Mykonos.

Ulysses spent around 10 years before coming home. Byron fell in love with the land and people. Lawrence Durrell wrote lyrically of island life. Greece inspires all who come here.

While it is commonly linked with blue seascapes and white washed villages, Greece displays a stunning diversity. Rugged Balkan hinterland, architecture ranging from classic to modern day era and islands spread across three seas are a few things to see. There are olive groves, Chios mastic villages, sprawling Athens, and crimson poppies every April. You can also find old men sitting for hours over a single coffee and ferries nudging into rickety piers.

Many visit the place to seek sun and sea but are smitten by the hospitality of the Greeks and find being as lured as all who went there until then.

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April, May June, September and October

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Beautiful Coasts, Cruises

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Recommended Itinerary
Day 1


Welcome to Athens, the capital of Greece. Take a ride to Rafina port to catch a highspeed ferry to the island of Mykonos. Mykonos, part of the Cyclades island group in the Aegean Sea, is one of the most popular and glamorous Greek isles, known for its nonstop party atmosphere.

Overnight in Mykonos.

Day 2


You are at leisure on this Jet Set Cycladic Island known for its striking windmills. Feel free to wander in the maze of narrow alleys and array of shops for best bargains. You can also visit Paraportiani one of the 365 churches in the island. Evenings are famous for its night life of the island.

Overnight in Mykonos.


Day 3


Spend another day lazing at the beaches and discovering Mykonos’ island charm.

Overnight in Mykonos.

Day 4

Mykonos – Santorini

Catch a high speed ferry from Mykonos port to the island of Santorini.

Santorini is classically known as Thera and officially Thira. It is an island in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km southeast of mainland Greece. It is the largest island of a circular archipelago which bears the same name and is the remnant of a volcanic caldera

Overnight in Santorini


Day 5


You are at leisure on the amazing island of Santorini. This island was created by the eruption of the volcano 1600 BC. It has the most breathtaking sights of all Greek islands and perhaps of the world. You can explore and enjoy the island on your own. Nature combines with history to make Santorini unforgettable experience.

Overnight in Santorini.

Day 6


Spend another day luxuriating in the beauty of this magical island.

Overnight at Santorini.


Day 7

Santorini – Athens

Take a Ferry boat ride from Santorini to Athens. Spend time exploring the city on your own in the evening. If you are interested in historical sites, Greece is about as ancient as it gets in Europe, with famous sites such as Acropolis right in the centre of Athens.

Overnight in Athens.

Day 8


Enjoy visit to the Syntagma Square, House of Parliament and the Memorial to the Unknown Soldier along with the Athens Academy, University, the National Library and the Hadrian’s Arch. We pass by the Temple of Olympian Zeus and continue to the Panathenaic Stadium where we had the first Olympic Games of the modern world which were organised in 1896. On the Acropolis we visit one of the architectural masterpiece of the Golden Age of Athens: the Propylaea, along with the Temple of Athena Nike, and finally “the harmony between material and spirit”, the Parthenon. Continue your journey to the home of the last of statues and admire the wonder of the classical era, the museum of Acropolis. We end the tour and drop you at the hotel or at the city centre. Enjoy the evening free.

Overnight in Athens.


Day 9


We end the tour with a transfer to the airport.